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Contributor III
Contributor III

Set analysis on dimension in aggr() funtion

Hi Everyone,


I am stuck with aggr() function issue in QlikSense App. I am using Aggr() function in my expression, and inside the measure, I have restricted few filters while calculating it using set analysis, the same filter restriction should apply to the dimension as well. I tried using Set analysis on dimension, but it doesnot work . Please help . 

Below is my expression :

aggr(if(RangeSum(Above(SUM({<Period=,Date={">=01/01/2019<=30/06/2019"}>}SPEND_ACTUAL), 0, RowNo()))/sum( {<Period=,Date={">=01/01/2019<=30/06/2019"}>} TOTAL SPEND_ACTUAL)<=0.80,PARENT_SUPPLIER_ID),


In this expression, I want to avoid filtering PArent_Supplier_ID diemsion on Period as well but it is not working , Because of that even when I applied restriction on whole measure, the measure still filters on PEriod and calculates the wrong value.


Please help

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If you are not using calculated dimension, i.e. - using a field directly in dimension in a chart, the restriction using set analysis in the main measure expression should limit the dimension values as well. What are your dimension and measure expression?

Contributor III
Contributor III

My dimension = (PARENT_SUPPLIER_ID,(=SUM({<Period=,Date={">=01/01/2019<=30/06/2019"}>}SPEND_ACTUAL),Desc)))


and measure  = if(RangeSum(Above(SUM({<Period=,Date={">=01/01/2019<=30/06/2019"}>}SPEND_ACTUAL), 0, RowNo()))/sum( {<Period=,Date={">=01/01/2019<=30/06/2019"}>} TOTAL SPEND_ACTUAL)<=0.80,PARENT_SUPPLIER_ID)


Set analysis "{<Period=,Date={">=01/01/2019<=30/06/2019"}" being applied in dimension while doing sum , but while calculating the aggregated value, it  is restricting PArent_supplier_Id on Selected period. While as per set analysis applied in measure, it should not restrict the parent_supplier_ID on period