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Set analysis with date



20190101 (column1 ),  BudgetValue, 20180101 (column1 minus 1 year)

20190201,   BudgetValue,  20180201

20190301, BudgetValue,  20180301


From 2012 until now.


I want to use set analysis to create a graph that compare last year with this year for selected column1 (date).

So example

If I want to select column1 20190101 and 20190201 the graph will show 20190101 and 20190201 as one datapoint

20180101 and 20180201 will show as another datapoint.


I manage to compare with one date with another exampel 20190101 compared with 20180101, but the graph doesn't show anything when I select multiple dates. I used this formula

sum({<[Column1]={"$(=DATE([column1 minus 1 year]))"}>}Budget)


Thanks in advance

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Re: Set analysis with date

@linhphuong Not sure if this is a duplicate post, if it is let me know and I can delete it.  If it's in addition to your previous post please let me know if this is for QlikView or Sense?  I would like to also move this into the correct product forum. 

Sue Macaluso