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Set analysis


I need to make a special selection inside a table and I understand this is called set analysis, can you please help me to figure out the following?

I have two data sets, one set with requests and one with assignments (accepted requests, not rejected).

Once a request has been turned in to an assignment it keeps its number so the two sets of data have almost the same numbers. The ones excluded are the rejected requests.

How can I show only the accepted request in my table, i.e I want to show all assignment numbers that exist both in the request and the assignment data set.


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Re: Set analysis

Do you have flags for those assignments? If you do then the things can be very easy:

{<Flag = {'Accepted'}>}

If not, can you create them easily? I have no familiarity with the data, so can't give a more detailed response

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Re: Set analysis

or you can left join two tables on the request number during the join add a column say 'Accepted' as Flag

left join(Set1)

load request_number , 'Accepted' as Flag

resident Set2;

drop table Set2;

then in the set analysis your expression would look something like this: