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Set analysis

Hi Everyone,

Can any one please help me on below logic.

I have taken the below logic in the KPI, its showing only maximum month related count.

=Sum(if(Aggr(Max({$<MonthYear={'$(=$(vG.CurrentPeriod))'}>}[RAG ind]),[Metric Group],Metric)=2,1,0))

But in another KPI i have to show all the months related count by including [Metric Group] = 'Entertainment' also need to avoid the {"'-'"}, in the Metric group.

Please help me what changes i need to do on the above expression as per the requirement,

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Set analysis

Not sure if the below expression would work?

=Sum(if(Aggr([Metric Group]-={'-'}, [Metric Group] = {'Entertainment'}>}[RAG ind]),[Metric Group],Metric)=2,1,0))

Neglecting '-' and including Entertainment plus not using Max of Months which would give all months, I guess so.

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