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Set analysis

Hi all,

In the pie chart I need to exclude the data of batch_meta_data_id = {1,4,5} and I want to select the data of only, final_test_status = {'passed'} ,version={'v1'}.

Is the below expression is correct? If not please help with the correct one.

SUM({$-1<batch_meta_data_id = {1, 4, 5},final_test_status = {'passed'},version={'v1'}>}browser_visits)



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Re: Set analysis

Try this:

=Sum({$<batch_meta_data_id -= {1, 4, 5}, final_test_status = {'passed'}, version={'v1'}>}browser_visits)

Update: Explanation

Exclude batch_meta_data_id 1, 4, 5 -> batch_meta_data_id -= {1, 4, 5} //with a negative before equal sign

Only passed final_test_status and v1 version -> final_test_status = {'passed'}, version={'v1'}




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Re: Set analysis

No values are changing. it remains same.

$ will select the data right, but i want to exclude the {1,4,5} and select other batches data.

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Re: Set analysis


$-1 is used to get previous selection data

Use this

SUM({$<batch_meta_data_id -= {1, 4, 5},final_test_status = {'passed'},version={'v1'}>}browser_visits)

Re: Set analysis

Hey Pramod

I am not sure I understand what you mean??? The expression I gave you will work the following way:

With no selections made it will show all batch_meta_data_id except 1,4 and 5 and final_test_status passed and version v1. If you make a selection in final_test_status or version, it won't have impact on your expression's output, but batch_meta_data_id selection will reduce your output to those ids which are selected (still excluding 1, 4 and 5) and any other selection will also filter the expression (because of $). If you don't want your expression to impacted with any selection then you can use 1 instead of $ (although it will still filter down on selection in batch_meta_data_id)

I hope this helps.



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Re: Set analysis

Hi sunny,

I am attaching the .qvf file.

In Os and browser sheet, i am using the 2 pie charts to display the browser stats of the batches.

I am using 3 KPI's.

KPI 1 has 16,287.

KPI 2 has 1,040

KPI 3 has 16,247

I need to display the browser stats for the version 1 and 2 in two different pie charts.

I am having counts problem.

KPI 3 + KPI 2 =KPI 1

I am not getting where i am going wrong.

Please check it and help.



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Re: Set analysis

V1 and V2 overlaps each other, take a look on attachment hope it will be useful.

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Re: Set analysis

try this

SUM({<batch_meta_data_id -= {'1', '4', '5'},final_test_status = {'passed'},version={'v1'}>}browser_visits)

and let me know

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Re: Set analysis

Hi Saravana,

Thanks for the help.

The counts are now matching.

Why the line " the data contains negative or zero values that cannot be shown on this." is displaying.

How can i hide this line.





Re: Set analysis

A pie chart cannot meaningfully display data that contains a mix of positive and negative numbers. You can suppress the negative numbers or take absolute values, but that may distort the data in a way that will be hard for users interpret. A better visualisation for such data is a bar chart.

To suppress negatives:

     Sum(RangeMax(Sales, 0))

To absolute values (most definitely NOT recommended)

     Sum(Fabs(Sales)) or Fabs(Sum(Sales))

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