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Set analysis

Hi there, i'm trying to use set analyssis instead of "if" but have a issue, the quotes on the part of the DateNum makes the rest of the data between them appear as grey text.

so no clue how to do "if date is less than"  or if date is between dates and so on. Could any help me?


Sum({<Year=, Month=, Quarter=, Week=, DateField=, DateNum={">=$(=Num($(=vToDate& 'Start(Max(DateNum))')))<=$(=Max(DateNum))"}>} Sales)

DateNum={">=$(=Num($(=vToDate& 'Start(Max(DateNum))')))<=$(=Max(DateNum))"}

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Re: Set analysis

Not sure what is Start function used for? What are you trying to do with this part of the code -> 'Start(Max(DateNum))'


Re: Set analysis

I cannot understand what you are trying to achieve with the (nonexistant) Start() function. But you probably need something like this to get dates in a range.

DateNum={">=$(=vToDate) <=$(=Max(DateNum))"}

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Re: Set analysis

I've a fact table:


When i do the analyis and i do select the current month (ex november), i get all the issues received on the startdate november. the status can be opened closed pending...

but if i want to do a table where i can show all data from november and those pending from previous month. i can't make it 'cos i'm already filtering by "november"

any idea?