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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Set colours (of which one is transparent) on stacked bar chart

Hi there experts

I have a requirement to show the range of a value as combo chart with the min and max as a bar and two points for averages. I managed to save the min, ma, BP mean and Overall Mean as master measures, set colours for each and use them to build my graph. The Min and Max are shown as stacked bar charts where the colour of the Min bar is white and the colour of the max bar (=max(value) - min(value)) is grey which shows my range. This works great, but my white Min bar covers the horizontal reference lines as is shown below:

 Range Chart.PNG

Does anyone have an idea of how this can be solved? I would like to use something like argb(0,255,255,255) for the colour, but it seems like I can only use HEX codes for my master measures and the opacity is not contained in a hex colour code. I don't know if something like colour by expression can be used? I inherited the data load and formulas so would like not to go and change anything there.



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Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Hi Maurizz

Did you try this?

Hex Opacity Values

  • 100% — FF
  • 95% — F2
  • 90% — E6
  • 85% — D9
  • 80% — CC
  • 75% — BF
  • 70% — B3
  • 65% — A6
  • 60% — 99
  • 55% — 8C
  • 50% — 80
  • 45% — 73
  • 40% — 66
  • 35% — 59
  • 30% — 4D
  • 25% — 40
  • 20% — 33
  • 15% — 26
  • 10% — 1A
  • 5% — 0D
  • 0% — 00

The format is #AARRGGBB




Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Hi JK1

Unfortunately the master measure colours only give me space for 6 letters/numbers whereas #AARRGGBB needs 8 so that won't work. I ended up creating a custom colour (which was transparent) in the theme file which was then available as an option in the colour palette.

Thanks for trying though👍.




Hi Mauritz,

I meet the same issue that I want to create a transparency color for master measure.

May you share the information/Script that you create a custom colour in the theme file?

It's really appreciated



Contributor II
Contributor II

I've tried using a custom palette and added the HEX # that includes the alpha(transparency) component.  The new colours do show up on QlikSense but it cannot be selected. Can you provide more details on how you got it to work?