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Contributor III
Contributor III

Set range for bubble size measure on scatter plot

I have a scatter plot with 3 measures set up within Qlik Sense and I have some concerns with regards to the size of the bubbles.

Without applying any filter, when all my data points are plotted on the scatterplot, the relative size of the bubbles make sense, with the smallest value indicated as a really small dot, the largest shown as the biggest bubble, and everything else just falls in between the 2 extreme. However, when we apply filter to the dashboard, resulting in just 2 data points plotted, the relative size of the bubbles are not very representative of the actual values. E.g. the 2 values are 85 and 90  --> 80 is displayed as a small dot and 90 shows a huge bubble, giving the impression that the 2 values are very different, when they are not really.

Under appearance, we can set the range for the X & Y axis, but not for the last measure which is the one that determines the size of the bubbles. Is there a way for us to determine the range to use for the bubble size so that it reflects the true relative difference between data points?

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