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Setting Max value on Y-axis based on selections

Hi all

I am trying to set a max value on the y-axis based on a selected number of staff and SUM'd measure (duration)

I have tried = (GetSelectedCount ([CalledStaff]) ) *  Max(Sum(Call_Duration)) but get an expression error.

Incidentally either part of the expression works on its own, but I need the two combined.

What am I missing?

Thanks, Steve

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Re: Setting Max value on Y-axis based on selections

For an axis value, you need to aggregate your sum by a field - I take it you want the maximum call_duration for any one of the staff? You'd then need Max(Aggr(Sum(Call_Duration), CalledStaff)) - that should give you the maximum sum of calls for any given called staff member. You should then be able to multiply that by your first part.