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Setting up a user password in QMC?

Hi everyone,

I am new to QlikSense , my question is I had already one user, that is the server user. I'm trying to create a second user but I can't understand how to set the access password of this user. I create an Excel file with this user information and use 'Users connector directory' and Excel ODBC in order to bring this user to the Sense server. Then I allocate a license token for this user, but I can't access my hub with this user because I don't have a password and I can't find where the password is to setting it up in qmc.

Thanks & Regards,

Leela Madhav.V

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Hi Leela,

Qlik Sense does not perform identity management and/or verification.  As a result, no passwords are stored in the repository.

Qlik relies on external parties to perform identity management and verification.  By default, Windows auth is supported out of the box and your initial user is likely a local account on the Windows server you installed Qlik Sense server on.

User directory connectors like the excel version you are creating are for importing attributes into Qlik Sense for authorization purposes.  It is not a facility for identity management or verification.

Please have a watch of this video on Qlik Sense securty:

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Jeff G

Partner - Specialist III
Partner - Specialist III

Does it has to be through EXCEL? you can try creating a new user in "Computer Management" and add him in to QMC. Here you can define a password. Usually if this created user is on same machine where QMC/Qlik Sense is installed then it will automatically add them, if not just sync the user directory connector..

I haven't tried uploading user attributes through excel, so not sure how to define them. I will try and let you know.

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phaneendra.kunche‌, have a look at the video link above about wiring up an Excel UDC.  No matter what, no passwords because Qlik Sense does not perform identity verification.


Partner - Specialist III
Partner - Specialist III

Saw your video Jeff. I got it.

BTW you are looking great in the video, it's been a while i have seen you in person. Very informative.