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Sharing / Reloading Qlik Sense Dashboard in Enterprise and Security

Hi All,

In my current working organization structure, we are using Qlik Sense Enterprise (April 2018) Version. I'm a developer but the deployment and all the work related to sharing, security (Section Access) and scheduling remains with IT Team(outsourced to big IT Firm); so its getting tough to acquire knowledge on Server side. Can you all please help me with below questions:-

1. We are group of 4 members (as of now, can goes up to 50 in future); I have already developed the dashboard and published in 1 stream, its visible to all 4 of us but we cannot reload it, change the script as required. The only option I find is to create another Dashboard and deploy it with the changes. Like this process, I have deployed almost 7 Apps. Can anyone please provide a fruitful solution like we all should be able to change the script, reload it.

2. For us (4 users), we have global access but in future, I will need to give access to 1st User for 100 Product Items, 2nd User only 20 items likewise have to go for next 50.

What should be my approach: to create an Excel and maintain the list like


USER      AP\U628394   GH56379

and so on.... wouldn't it be a huge list to maintain like 50 Users x 100 ProductItems# combination.

Any suitable solution to both the issues.

Please help me in finding out this solutions. 

Thank you in advance.


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Specialist III
Specialist III

By default, a published application has to be reloaded using a scheduled task.  In addition, when you publish an application, the script is no longer visible.  You will probably find that if you duplicate a published application that is owned by someone else, you will not have the application script.  Changes in security rules can change this behavior.

The first rule of section access is to create a copy (or multiple copies) of you application before implementing section access.  It is very easy to lock yourself out of your application.  At our institution, we use a database to maintain the section access tables.  The access is based on the user's departments.  You can use a spreadsheet, text file, database, active directory to define the section access.  Check what you have that is currently defining your user's access and build of the existing security.