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Sharing / Reloading Qlik Sense Dashboard on Enterprise version and Security

Hi All,

In my current working organization structure, we are using Qlik Sense Enterprise (April 2018) Version. I'm a developer but the deployment and all the work related to sharing, security (Section Access) and scheduling remains with IT Team(outsourced to big IT Firm); so its getting tough to acquire knowledge on Server side. Can you all please help me with below questions:-

1. We are group of 4 members (as of now, can goes up to 50 in future); I have already developed the dashboard and published in 1 stream, its visible to all 4 of us but we cannot reload it, change the script as required. The only option I find is to create another Dashboard and deploy it with the changes. Like this process, I have deployed almost 7 Apps. Can anyone please provide a fruitful solution like we all should be able to change the script, reload it.

2. For us (4 users), we have global access but in future, I will need to give access to 1st User for 100 Product Items, 2nd User only 20 items likewise have to go for next 50.

What should be my approach: to create an Excel and maintain the list like


USER      AP\U628394   GH56379

and so on.... wouldn't it be a huge list to maintain like 50 Users x 100 ProductItems# combination.

Any suitable solution to both the issues.

Please help me in finding out this solutions. 

Thank you in advance.


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