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Sharing and data updating of Qliksense Desktop app

I created a dashboard for my company using Qliksense Desktop.
It connects to multiple data sources, including an ODBC connection to SQL DB.

Now I want to share it with other members of the organization. They don't have to be able to edit it, only to view it and that the data can be updated and refreshed.

What are the possible options for sharing?

How can the data connection refresh so the data is updated?

Do we need to use a server or can we share it locally? Should we use the qlik cloud? can I create a URL for the dashboard that others can view and where data will be updated automatically or manually?


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Re: Sharing and data updating of Qliksense Desktop app


You can use the Qlik cloud

Sharing on Qlik Cloud Beta

Video Link : 2172


Re: Sharing and data updating of Qliksense Desktop app

Ideally, you would implement the Sense Server platform. Then the server would take care of reloading the data on schedule and colleagues would access using the Access Point.

If you use the Qlik Cloud, you will need to run the reload locally and then update the cloud copy.

If you use Qlik Desktop, you need to distribute a separate copy to each user for install on their local machine. If they want to refresh their copy, they will need the proper database driver and access. Alternatively, you can reload on one machine and redistribute the updated copy. However, if the user made any self-service updates to their own copy those updates would be lost.


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