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Sharing bookmarks between users


I would like to enable the users to share bookmarks between each other.
I saw there are a few ways to do this, but the only relevant way might be doing it throw sharing stories they create.
The problem is that the users don't have "publish" permission to the stream (and they won't have it).
What I was trying to achieve was creating a security rule for a certain user which would allow him to publish only stories he created (not sheets he created). My question is if it's even possible to manage sheets and stories separately, if yes - please assist me in creating the rule. Is there another way to achieve sharing bookmarks between users without involving the developer (meaning that sharing URL for example is NOT the way I'm looking for cause for getting URL you have to have access to Dev Hub which regular users don't have).


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Re: Sharing bookmarks between users

Unfortunately, This feature is not yet available, we do have a feature request submitted and worked on ID 471 (Bookmark-sharing-to-users-or-community). For the meantime, we do have some alternative with tweaking the security rules, but unfortunately, the document is not for the public, which you would required to open a support case to obtain it. If you do open a support case, request information for Article# 000034667, here it has a document with several scenarios and options that may or may not help you. 

Giuseppe Novello
Principal Technical Support Engineer @ Qlik
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Re: Sharing bookmarks between users

Hi Gno, 

Thanks for the answer.

I just saw that in February 2019 QS version this feature will be available! Am I right?