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Sheet level Section Access in Qlik Sense ??

Hi Community,

I am trying to implement Sheet Level Section access on Qlik Sense apps. I hve done the same in QlikVew using conditional show property of sheets. Since Conditional show isn't available on Qlik Sense, i was wondering if there is a work around to implement Sheet level Section access in Qlik Sense ?

I believe it "may not" be possible through apps but from QMC, has anyone tried something similar ?

Or putting the same query in a different way, is there a way to publish a sheet(not the complete app, just a sheet) to a stream ?

Would be grateful for any guidance or tips....

Warm Regards,

Muntazir Syed

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It always have worked since 3.2

The Stream rule has been changed and now I can see just the sheet I want but some visualization object are incomplete.

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Please take a look at my thread here Qlik Sense security rule problem

It looks correctly but it doens't works as expected.

How can I disable app object creation for all users except for one or two of them ?

Many thanks in advance.




Hi Masaki,

We have an app, and the people who have read access on the app can create sheets. but when they create their sheets, all of the sheets created by all the users are showing up under My Sheets for all of the users. Is there a way to secure such a way that just the creator of the sheet sees his/her sheet and not others?




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Partner - Contributor III

Hello @Masaki_Hamano , Could you please help me, how can I learn writing security rules?