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Sheet object images not loading

I have got the objects working perfectly except that the images are not showing.

I'm quite confused with this as its got an undefined in the url string and its pulling it from my localhost:8000 url.

Why is this happening when I'm using the code from Qlik itself and I'm not the one building the url and params string to include the assets?

Code that appends the html to the content div:

appendSheetVisualization: function (obj) {

    $('#sheet-visualization-popup-content').append('<div id="div-' + obj.name + '" class="qvobject single-sheet-content col-' + obj.col + ' colspan-' + obj.colspan + ' row-' + obj.row + ' rowspan-' + obj.rowspan + '"></div>');


sheets.forEach(function (sheet) {

    if (sheet.qInfo.qId === chosenSheet.id) {

            var objs = sheet.qData.cells;

            objs.forEach(function (obj) {


            ia.getObject('div-' + obj.name, obj.name);





require.js?QlikTicket=CZuzGsV1sde-sqLH:19 GET http://localhost:8000/undefined/qrs/extension/schema?xrfkey=qjq5JMbc7OBPCjtG 404 (Not Found)

(anonymous) @ require.js?QlikTicket=CZuzGsV1sde-sqLH:19

o @ require.js?QlikTicket=CZuzGsV1sde-sqLH:19

h @ require.js?QlikTicket=CZuzGsV1sde-sqLH:19

g @ require.js?QlikTicket=CZuzGsV1sde-sqLH:20

(anonymous) @ require.js?QlikTicket=CZuzGsV1sde-sqLH:20

$eval @ require.js?QlikTicket=CZuzGsV1sde-sqLH:20

$digest @ require.js?QlikTicket=CZuzGsV1sde-sqLH:20

(anonymous) @ require.js?QlikTicket=CZuzGsV1sde-sqLH:20

f @ require.js?QlikTicket=CZuzGsV1sde-sqLH:18

(anonymous) @ require.js?QlikTicket=CZuzGsV1sde-sqLH:18

                                                //this is what im really confused about as qlik builds this url

require.js?QlikTicket=CZuzGsV1sde-sqLH:6 GET http://localhost:8000/undefinedassets/external/openlayers/OpenLayers.js

req.load @ require.js?QlikTicket=CZuzGsV1sde-sqLH:6

load @ require.js?QlikTicket=CZuzGsV1sde-sqLH:6

load @ require.js?QlikTicket=CZuzGsV1sde-sqLH:6

(anonymous) @ require.js?QlikTicket=CZuzGsV1sde-sqLH:6

(anonymous) @ require.js?QlikTicket=CZuzGsV1sde-sqLH:6

execCb @ require.js?QlikTicket=CZuzGsV1sde-sqLH:6

check @ require.js?QlikTicket=CZuzGsV1sde-sqLH:6

enable @ require.js?QlikTicket=CZuzGsV1sde-sqLH:6

init @ require.js?QlikTicket=CZuzGsV1sde-sqLH:6

(anonymous) @ require.js?QlikTicket=CZuzGsV1sde-sqLH:6

require.js?QlikTicket=CZuzGsV1sde-sqLH:6 Uncaught Error: Script error for: openlayers


    at makeError (require.js?QlikTicket=CZuzGsV1sde-sqLH:6)

    at HTMLScriptElement.onScriptError (require.js?QlikTicket=CZuzGsV1sde-sqLH:6)

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