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Contributor III
Contributor III

Show Empty Values in line graph as 0s


I am currently working on a trends graph showing the count of tickets coming into our Department. Though when a day occurs where a ticket does not come in there will be no create date associated with the ticket. Therefor the line graph simply links the two closest days tickets came in showing a flat average across the board. A clear example of this would be : 

September 1st (5 tickets come in) ,  September 2-5th no tickets come in,  September 6th 10 tickets come in. 

This would show a upward slope from the 1st to the 6th even though there was no tickets being generated anywhere between. What I would like to see is the drop of tickets in the line down to 0 and spike back up. The X Axis is my date range so you would see it raise to 5(Y Axis being ticket count) then drop to 0 for the 2,3,4,5th days and back up to 10 for the 6th. My manager has found a work around  creating a calendar data set but its a bit complicated to be added and tested to all reports needing this. Are there any simpler ways of this? I am working with API calls off Target process and not imported excel data like the report we found the work around on.   



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Creator II
Creator II

Try this?



Contributor III
Contributor III

My issue with the data I am using is since we dont have any counts on those days that there is no createdate associated and no row for the null value to show. So instead of having Sep 2,3,4,5th with null values for counts its just a row of data for sep 1st and a row of data for sep 6th. Should this still work or am I correct to think it wouldn't? I'm using it now for the Y Axis value and its not showing a difference. Thank you so much for that immediate response!