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Show No Progress Vs Accumulated Target as 0

I've got a pivot table that shows progress vs target over 6 periods. There is a target for each of the dimensions across the left, but it is the same for all across the top.


I need to show 0 for the null boxes, and I need to show the target accumulated across the dimensions regardless of whether there was activity towards that target in the snapshot period (SNAPSHOT_NAME). In the case above, the target appears only when there is data in that snapshot period. I need to show it regardless. In this view, they would be 0%.

The Pivot Measure is = sum([Credits])/$(vintCreditsBudget)

And vintCreditsBudgetSum({<[Budget Class]={'Credits'},SNAPSHOT_NAME=>}Target)

Please help me include the whole budget in the percent-to-goal calculation regardless of whether there is activity towards that goal in a given dimension.

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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Please attach sample data or picture of table. If I am understanding correctly you have a bunch of "monthly/weekly snapshots" you are loading into qlikview.

Your data format looks something like this? (Or at least it should)

SNAPSHOT_NAME, Group, Progress, Target

4 Weeks before start, Military, 21%, 96%

3 weeks before start, Military, 50%, 96%

2 weeks before start, Military, 75%, 96%

If it doesn't that is likely the problem and you will need to change the data model until you get a table which looks like this. Make the pivot table with Dimensions [SNAPSHOT_NAME, Group, Target] with Measure [SUM(Credits/Target) As Progress].