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Show all hours even when data doesn't exist

Hello Folks,

I'm working with a Pivot Table, and I have a field that represents the Hours.  As of now, my pivot table only shows the hours for which data exists, which makes sense.  But I would also like to show all the hours (0-24) no matter  if the data exists or not.  Generally, I would create a Stub Item to fill out the data range, but that doesn't work when the user begins making selections and filtering.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Show all hours even when data doesn't exist

Hi Justin, that can happen when using a vertical and an horizontal dimension, and some of the values for the vertical dimension doesn't have any relation with the horizontal dimension.

In that case you need a certesian product to make the relations between field values, this document can help on the task:

Generating Missing Data In QlikView