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Show matching value in Table

Hello Folks,

I have a data model with a Table.  In my data model, I have Record Numbers for two different sets of records.  What I would like to do, is show a column whereby if the record number of Instance 1 in RecordSet 1 matches another Instance in RecordSet 2, then that record number is shown.  Here is a screenshot of what I'm trying to do.


As we can see, in the srp_number column, we have matching dra_filenumbers.  I would like to show these on the same row.  My thought process led me to something like this which doesn't work.

IF( (Total dra_filenumber ) = srp_number, dra_filenumber )

I'm trying to say "Ignore selections and data linkage, check over all the srp_numbers, and if they match the dra_filenumber, then put that value in the column".

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Re: Show matching value in Table

Are these fields (srp_number and dra_filenumber) both on the same table in your source data?  Can you upload a sample?

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