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Show negative values on Pie Chart


I have a problem where whenever negative values are included in a pie chart, they are ignored Qliksense.

Here is what I want to achieve in Qliksense. The values sum up to 100% and whenever there is negative value, I want Qliksense to use the absolute value of the negative value to create the pie chart. In my example the total value would be 107%. I do not want to display the actual weights; since they will be adjusted to sum up to 100%. I want the actual values to be displayed like below.

Is there any way I can achieve this? Thank you.

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Re: Show negative values on Pie Chart

Hi Li,

You can use FABS(expression) to use absolute value.


In my example FABS(Sum(Value)). I just see a problem to show your neg. values inside the pie chart because the FABS expression show only positive values & a separate expression (only for value inside graph) can't be created. Best would be to identify pos./neg. values by a color expression & using table to show real values.




Re: Show negative values on Pie Chart

This worked perfectly for me. Thanks!

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