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Contributor III

Show only rows where cells are highlighted - Pivot Table


I have a pivot table in Qlik Sense where I am highlighting values based on conditions depending on the value and the rows as well.

Is there a way where I can avoid displaying those rows and columns where no cell is highlighted ? 

Thanks and Regards

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Hi, if for each dimensions combination this values are fixed (not changing depending of selections) the best way is to flag those files in script and exclude them using set analysis in each expression.

If this is not possible you can set a condition to only calculate each expression when it meets the criteria to highlight it:

If([Expression]>[Condition] or [Expression]<[Condition], [Expression])

Another option can be using an aggr in a calculated dimension and uncheck to option to show null values in this dimension. It would be something like:

Aggr(If([Expression]>[Condition] or [Expression]<[Condition], [Dimension]), [Dimension])

Tthis can cause worse performance so better to use only if there are not many different values for dimensions