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Showing values only below a threshold in a table

Hi everyone.

I have a table with several dimensions and expressions. I want to show only rows that have a specific expression under a threshold (in this case 0.5). I thought to change this expression in this way, to show values only below the threshold:

if(expression < 0.5, expression)

However, there is a problem. In this way, all the values over 0.5 are set as null, but they are still shown in table. If in the table I click on the checkbox to not show null values, also the values that as result of the expression have 0 are suppressed. But I want to show values with 0 as result of the expression, instead I want to suppress values over the threshold that I set.

Can you help me?

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Specialist II
Specialist II


That is a bit annoying, was going to suggest another column that you do if(expression < 0.5, 1), but you then can't hide it in Qlik Sense ...

Depending on how complicated your dimensions are maybe try a calculated dimension, so something like;