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Simba Spark ODBC error


I am using Simba Spark ODBC to get data from Hadoop Spark.

I set up the ODBC in system ODBC and use it in Qlik Sense Script.

When selecting data from a table by query like this:

SQL SELECT Field1, Field2

FROM SPARK.`default`.`table` where partition='20171010' limit 1000;

With limit 1000 it returns the data successfully.

But with limit 1000000 or larger, it returns the error:

The following error occurred:

SQL##f - SqlState: S1000, ErrorCode: 35, ErrorMsg: [Simba][Hardy] (35) Error from server: error code: '0' error message: 'ExecuteStatement finished with operation state: ERROR_STATE'.

I want to get the data daily, and my data has 80M rows each day.

Please help.

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Re: Simba Spark ODBC error

Dear Quy,

   Have you tried to recover informations using Qlik Rest Connector?

   Take a look on this article: https://help.qlik.com/en-us/connectors/Subsystems/REST_connector_help/Content/1.0/Create-REST-connec...

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Re: Simba Spark ODBC error

Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for your reply. But I'm using ODBC connector, not a REST connector.