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Simple Paging

We have Enterprise Qlik Sense November 2018 edition.

 What I really need is a way to have something that has been part of every BI tool for the last 30+ years out of the box, a plain paging ability that reacts when the user filters records, such that if they see all the records they get all the pages, if they filter, the pages re-count/sort to just the items filtered.   My users don't care about visualizations or fancy add-ons.  They are auditors that just need to boil the ocean and look for the clues.

I have been hunting around for dynamic bucketing and have found that some people have used buttons with macros in QlikView (from 2014).  I can't seem to implement or find a way to just make a simple button without going and getting a new extension (which I can't be sure will work in our server environment as I am not on our Enterprise Server admin team).

If you have any advice on how to get the simple paging that reacts to filters, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Simple Paging

To accomplish filtering, we just use a Filter Pane UI component that comes out of the box.  And this button, what is the button supposed to do?