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Size limitation of the export process


we are working on Qlik Sense 3.2.2

We have a pivot table (quiet large)

When we try to export it to excel we get the following error message:

You have reached the size limitation of the export process. Please reduce the number of values to export or change the settings.


is this a limitation to excel or Qlik sense. what settings shall I change as per the message?

please advise

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Re: Size limitation of the export process

Hi Ali,

I'm not aware of a settings that could change the export limitation in 3.2.2 ?

The default maximum number of rows and columns in the Excel export file is:

  • 1048566 rows per sheet. For pivot tables: 1048566 column dimensions. 10 rows can be added after the export.
  • 16384 columns per sheet. If the number of columns exceeds the limit, the exported file is truncated and a warning message is sent.
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Re: Size limitation of the export process

but the message is misleading when mentioning "... or change the settings"