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Slippy Maps URL

When you click on the URL link you get a bunch of Mapquest URLs.  However they seem to no longer work.  See attached screen shot.

Does anyone know if there is a current list of URLs that will work with Qlik Sense?

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Re: Slippy Maps URL

Have you read the Blog Post url it refers you to in your png ?

I paste from it :

"If I don’t sign up for a new AppKey, will my service be shut off?

If you’re currently getting direct tile access, your service will be shut off beginning Monday,  July 11, 2016. We encourage you to sign up for a plan to access an AppKey and access our various mapping solutions."

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Re: Slippy Maps URL

So you are saying that those png backgrounds are now only available if you purchase them?   Are you aware of any others that can be used with Qlik Sense?

Re: Slippy Maps URL

That's what it says in their blog.  I'd suggest you read it.

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Re: Slippy Maps URL


they have discontinued the direct access via URL, now you have to use a API key.

You can get it for free with a limit of 15000 transactions a month, if you go over that you'll have to pay.

Get your api here:


Hope this helps.

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