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Slow debug in Qlik Sense

Hi community,

I'm facing this issue, both in Qlik Sense and Qlik Sense Desktop, in the script editor, the more you launch the debug (also with limited load to 1 row), the most it becomes slower and slower till I have to close Qlik Sense and re-open it.

Is it normal? I think so, maybe because Qlik stores the data.

If so, is it acceptable?

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Re: Slow debug im Qlik Sense


I dont think so it has to do anything with the data storage.

Can you tell us what version of QS you are using?


Kaushik Solanki

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Re: Slow debug in Qlik Sense

Yes, for example in desktop I got the last one, September 2017, but I faced this problem with also the previous versions.

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Re: Slow debug in Qlik Sense

I experience the same behaviour in Qlik Sense September 2017.

The more lines the debuggers reads, the slower it gets.

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Re: Slow debug in Qlik Sense

I face the same problem;

In fact, I've noticed that, the more I debug, the more It gets slow, really sloow !

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Re: Slow debug in Qlik Sense

Thanks for your feedbacks. Should I raise an "idea" with vote in the community as request to fix this issue in your opinion?

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