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Small UI on High DPI computer?


I am using a Retina Macbook with Win 8.1 and the Qlik Sense Desktop UI is very small. I read some where that Qlik Sense Desktop is using a wrapper program and it seems that Qlik Sense doesn't respond to screen size settings like other program does. Is this a known bug and is there a fix for it? If it's not, how do you report bugs?



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Re: Small UI on High DPI computer?

Hi Karl,

I suggest the following as a work around.

1. Launch Qlik Sense Desktop

2. Launch Chrome/Firefox etc

3. Browse to Http://localhost/hub

4. Do your development etc here

I believe the issue is Chromium doesn't support the retina display,  whereas the browsers do.


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Re: Small UI on High DPI computer?


I tried to google chromium and high dpi and I found some registry keys that I tried. It scaled but the UI didn't resize properly. I reverted and tried both Chrome and Firefox. Firefox works best for developing in my opinion.