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Some records missing

Community please assist. We have some records missing in the report. For example, in the leave report. There is a record missing until someone from the transaction system alert us. So it doesn't show until we search for it using the search box. After searching for it, they it shows and all other records that were not showing before. So it means the information is there but not showing until we search for it. Please assist


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Re: Some records missing

Please provide more details. 

When you say the information is not seen, where exactly is it supposed to be seen.

Is it part of a chart with set analysis? Are you searching for a particular field in the search box. Once you select the value through search box does the record come up in a chart all of a sudden. Please provide more clarity in the issue 


Sharath Panackal

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Re: Some records missing

Like in the dashboard it shows that the employee took leave for 3 days. In the detail straight table it shows the dates for those days. Until HR tells us that it is actually 4 days and give the date. When we go to the date and search that date then all of a sudden we have 4 days in the dashboard, and also on the detail it shows 4 records. Only after searching. 

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Re: Some records missing

Hi @GaonyadiweK

In Sense you could check the "include zero values" at the dimensions and "include zero values" at the add ons menu. 

in QlikView you could uncheck the "hide zero values" or check "show missing values". 

Besides that I don't have to much information to go with. Could you add some print screens etc. to explain your question a bit more. 


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