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Some slights "bugs" to fix and features to add

Hi all ( mto‌ , this is great !)

In this post I'll try to share my thought into 2 points : "Bugs" to fix and features to add.

So without further due, let me begin:

1) Bugs to fix:

a) The simple table way of adjusting its columns' size:

In fact, this weird behaviour of the Qlik Sense simple table has already been reported many times by community members and my own clients !

Here's for example a thread where this has been disucssed:


Link to the thread: Blank Column in table

And here's how this affected my own dashboard:

I think that the main issue with the qlik sense simple table is its behaviour when resizing the dashboard;

See: If, the size of the dashboard is narrow: it'll show perfectly:


Now, when the screen size is larger, instead of its column adapting to the new width, each column will keep its original width and we'll see the huge blank area... which is really frustrating the users...:


SOLUTION :Find a way to make the columns adapt to the screen size with the possibility of chaging it manually being kept.

b) Master Dimension's name in the filter Pane:

This is also a slight Bug that needs to be corrected;

In fact, when you have a dimension: "Oica Region" for example and you want to create it as master dimension and rename it as Region.

Logically, you'll just have to create it as a master Dimension and name Region; but if you do so, It'd still appear in the filter pane as Oica Region.... You'll have to alter it when you create it so that it appears as Region in the filter pane:

if("Oica Region"="Oica Region","Oica Region")

Here's an example :

1) if u don't alter the dim :



2) if u alter the dimension:


Now, it will take the new NewName:


c) Limiting dimensions:

This is another odd behaviour. Let me explain it with an example:

When you have a line chart for example; with 2 dimensions: dim1 and dim2. (and color by dim2)

dim2 have 20 values and use the Limit dimension feature on this dim2 to show only first 5.

This would work and only 5 Lines would appear BUT in the color labels, all the 20 values of dim2 would still be appearing....

So you'dd have to use rank to limit the dimension itself...

Weird !

2)Small features to add :

Here's my list of feature ALWAYS reported by clients:

a) selection List with DIFFERENT STYLES and especially these 2 abilities:

*select default values (with expression) on the app opening

*Select only ONE VALUE

b) Add the BUNDLE LOAD in Qlik Sense Script to be able to work with images in the tables (the tables must then support images)

c) Show and Hide dimension/Measures on CONDITION (like in QLIKVIEW); this is REALLY MANDATORY.

d) Add the COLORMIX wizard ! Everytime I want to do a color gradient, I go to Qlikview to construct the expression and paste it into QlikSense... WEIRD.

That's all... for now

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Re: Some slights "bugs" to fix and features to add

Thanks Omar - I sent it in. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Mike Tarallo
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