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Sparklines with Vizlib Table extension

Hi I am working in Qlik sense and I needed to show sparklines for a YTD trend for certain branch regions' deposit amounts. Branch regions consist of "Central","South","Other", and null. I am able to show a sparkline for each region, but when I use an if statement as a dimension to combine Null and "Other" it displays the rows perfectly except the sparklines disappear. The if statement I am using is: " =if(isNull ([Branch Region]), 'Other', [Branch Region])". This error seems to occur whenever I try to use an if statement as a dimension even though it shows the correct data. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this or knows a way around it.

I hope that makes sense and I will provide some sample data as well, but any data can be used to create a sparkline and test an if statement. Any help is appreciated!