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Special characters in words


Question, how do you deal with words containing ' ? For example the word Can't

My text phrase is ""Can't Do"" but once placed in the below mentioned script it gives a error as Qlik sees the ' in can't as a character.

I cannot change the actual text as it is output data from iAuditor.

Count({<Action_Status={'""Can't Do""'}>}Action_ID)

How to deal with these type of words?

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!!

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Re: Special characters in words

You can escape the single quote by having it twice like this:

'I can''t go to the meeting tonight'

It works for the latest versions of QlikView and Qlik Sense.

Re: Special characters in words

The phrase include two double quotes on the either side of the text?


Re: Special characters in words

Hi Jeroen,

Try this , May be Helpful

Count({<Action_Status={'[""Can't Do""]'}>}Action_ID)


Count({<Action_Status={'[Can't Do]'}>}Action_ID)



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Re: Special characters in words

Dear Petter,

Thanks for your input, nevertheless the problem is that the data (text) is generated automatically so for that i cannot change the input. The positive point is that I have managed to get generated data via API instead of making a csv file within the program and that solved the ' " ' issue and the Can't  issue. It is now generated as cannot

Thanks again for your help

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Re: Special characters in words

Dear Praveen,

Thank you for your ideas, to be honest i have not tried this as I found a way via API to get the data exported in the correct way without the characters. Nevertheless, i am sure it will be helpful in the future so i will keep the ideas!

Thanks again!

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