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Partner - Specialist

Stacked bar chart double values

    Hello guys, I have been wondering, Is it possible to show data points in stacked bar chart like in the picture?

Expected Bar Chart Value.png

I am attaching the qliksense file as well.  I have thought that this is not possible, but as I see in this picture it is?

Anybody know how to do it?



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or u keep using the extension (with the same dimensions, measure)

and u'll see the percentage when u hover over a dimension:


Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi @tomovangel,

Any chance you came across a way to be able to create a stacked bar chart with percentages and values as shown on your screenshot (below)? Need to do the same if possible in Qlik so will appreciate any tips you may have to share. Interestingly enough, it appears it may be possible in Tableau (

Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor


one solution would be to display both values in the expression by using the dual-function e.g.:

=Dual(Num(Sum(Quantity), '#,###.') & Chr(10) & Num(Sum(Quantity)/Sum(TOTAL <Market> Quantity), '##.##%'), Sum(Quantity))

This works fine with the bar & area chart object from the qlik visualization bundle but not with the regular bar chart-object (Qlik Sense  April 2020).

Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

Define the measure something like this:

	Num(Sum(value1), '0') & chr(10) & '(' & Num(Sum(value1) / Sum(total value1), '0%') & '),

This means the value will display the amount (Sum(value1)) and the percent, but will carry the value of the amount.

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