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Start and End Date filters

Rather than the standard filter option with a drop down of all possible dates and having to select each individual date, is there a way to create two different filter boxes (or buttons with a calendar selector) for a start date and end date of the period you want to look at.  This would be similar to how many front end or web based reporting sites work when retrieving data.  If this is a possible feature of Qlik Sense, can you please explain how to achieve this?


start date end date.png


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Re: Start and End Date filters

Re: Start and End Date filters

Stefan, Thanks for posting that link, never seen that post before, it looks promising and I can see a use case scenario.

  • Have you tried it ?

  • If so then how was it performance wise ?

Re: Start and End Date filters

Yes, I did.

It's quite simple to use in the script as well as in the front end.

A nice benefit is that you don't need any additional logic to show only valid e.g. end dates after chosing a start date and vice versa.

Performance is quite good in my setting (but may depend on your data).

Re: Start and End Date filters

Thx Stefan.

I think I'll probably check it out in due course.