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Startdate & Enddate from same date field


I want to have a calculation between Start- and Enddate.

In QlikView I can easily do with "Set Analysis", creating date lists for two variables vStartdate & vEnddate and using these variables as dropdown in a "Input Box".

In QlikSense I don't see how to use variables in"Input Box" with dropdown.

What I try to do now is create date selection base on basic QlikSense "Filters" (Filter pane).
It should look like this:

But how I can create Startdate and Endate base on same date field?

Thx in advance.


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Re: Startdate & Enddate from same date field

You can use the extension below to allow the user to set the value of a variable.

Qlik Branch

Hope this helps.

Re: Startdate & Enddate from same date field

You can't create Startdate and Enddate based on the same field. You can create separate data island tables for Startdate and Enddate and derivative fields for year and month. Then you can add filter panes for those fields in which the user can select values. You can then use the selected values in these fields in your set analysis expression:

sum({<OrderDate = {">=$(=min(Startdate))<=$(=max(Enddate))"} >}Amount)

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