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Static Alternate dimension in Qlik Sense Bar Chart

Hi All,

I've created a bar chart and want to keep second alternate dimension static as highlighted in the screenshot below. Only first dimension should give option to select other dimension whereas Channel should be fixed/static (No drop-down/selection icon next to Channel)

Can we achieve this using extensions?

Capture.PNG Thanks,


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Re: Static Alternate dimension in Qlik Sense Bar Chart

Let's suppose u have 3 dimensions:

Country , Year and Channel

U want Channel to be static and variate between Country/Year.

here's how I would proceed:


Create an inline table:

Load * Inline [


Country, 1



Now, in ur sheet, add this Dimension field as a filter above ur chart;

as dim 1 : if(DimensionID=2,Year,Country)

as dim2 : Channel

Now, dpends on ur selections on the new field "Dimension" u'll show one of ur 2 actual dimensions (Year and Country)

Hope that was clear