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Static and dynamic chart


First I would like to thank the community - the posts have been very helpful so far.

The problem:

I have a bar chart that presents the yearly sales of the top 5 stores out of 100.

When I filter based on store, I want to keep the top 5 and that the selected store will be added to the chart.

Using the limitation in the bar dimension doesn't solve it.

(I don't care if the top 5 will become gray and the new selected store will be in color - I just want to keep the top 5)

Any help and/or ideas will be appreciated

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I was able to come up with a solution (not very elegant but it is what it is).


in the dimension (bar not group - grouped by year) I used the following in the fixed number formula:

if( IsNull(GetFieldSelections(Store_Name)), 5, 6)

Which means that if there is no filter - only top 5 stores are shown, but if there is a store filter - a 6th store (the selected one) is shown as well (the other 5 are in gray since they are not selected)