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Store to a file in FTP folder

Hi All,

I succeded to create a data connection to a FTP folder, however i can't figure out what is the exact syntax in order to save a new file in the FTP folder by using STORE command in the data load editor script.

The data connection the I have defined is accordingly:


I've used the following Store command (Note that i've used variables in the file name): \

Store InventoryStaticDailyReport into "lib://FTPFOLDERNAME/FILENAME_$(vDate)_$(vTime).csv"(txt, delimiter is '|');

I'm getting the following error:

Cannot open file: 'lib://FTPFOLDERNAME/FILENAME_20180412_1639.csv': Store InventoryStaticDailyReport into "lib://FTPFOLDERNAME/FILENAME_20180412_1639.csv"(txt, delimiter is '|')

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Store to a file in FTP folder

I am pretty sure that STORE doesn't support FTP: only regular Windows file specification....

However the separately installed Qlik Web Connectors do support uploading files:


It is included as a standard connector which would mean that it is free.


Re: Store to a file in FTP folder

Thank you for your replay Peter,

I've installed the web connectors and tryed the SFTPUploadFile function in sevral ways but with no success.

the information i filled is as follow:

Host - The FTP URL

Port - 21

Username and password for the SFTP

Source File - my CSV file (C:\Qlik...)

Remote Path -  the path i want to save to (inside the FTP folder)

i am getting the following error:

"There was an error running the table (Hostname is invalid. Parameter name: serverName)"

The host name should be the FTP URL, correct?