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String field not properly shown in table

Hello. I have a problem when creating table in Qlik Sense. 

I have a database based on month and year in MM.YYYY format, where i calculate values for Current month - Previous month and add Comments to the table. Everything works great until i add comments or date to the table. Comments are sometimes Null and other times a string. Current Month and Year "08.2020" is selected as filter:

This is how it should be shown: comment1.png

But when i add field Date or Comment to the table it is shown like this:


Does anyone have any idea how to solve this?

Thank you and Best regards

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi SunKanx,

Have you tried use the before / above function?

Probably, create a simple pivot table, add months in columns so you can show month over month trend.

Formula could be: I will give a name to column of your calculate values as 'Cost'.

Above( sum(Cost))


before (sum(Cost))

The first month will show blank, as it does not have any data to compare with, but then you should get the idea.

About the comments, I am not sure 😞