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Contributor II
Contributor II

Substracting between two different dimensions

Hi everyone,


I have a dataset that looks like this

A 1 3
B 2 7
C 3 4
D 4 5


In wich date 1 is the day a client enters to my business and date2 is the day they left. I want to measure the net number of clients entering the business for each day. And that's obtained by substractinct the ones that entered and the ones that left. For example if day 3, 20 clients entered and 10 left, there is a ten clients net entering to be considered.


I already have the following graphs:

Dimension: DATE 1

Measure: count(id)


Dimension: DATE 2

Measure: count(id)



As you can see date 2 starts with two because no one can enter and left  the same day.

What I want to get is the substraction from this two graphs but I don't know how to get it as they have the same measure, but only different dimension.




Thanks in advanced!!!






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