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Subtracting one set from another


Sorry, this seems simple but cant wrap my head around it.

I have a dimension 'SubType'

Within this dimension, I have a number of items measuring electricity for example [Electricty], [Renewable], [RECs]

I'm trying to create a Piechart that shows the portion of Renewable to Electricity.  For this, i need to subtract the [RECs] from the [Electricity]


This attempt of course shows me the proportions of all the data.  

>} TotalUsage)


Do i need to do this before i aggregate it in the set expression? A custom Field perhaps?


any advice most welcome

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Re: Subtracting one set from another

Are you saying that you are looking to sum(TotalUsage) where SubType is not RECs? May be this

Sum({$<InvoiceSubTypeName -= {'RECs'}, PeriodFinancialYear = {'$(vReportingFiscalYear)'}>} TotalUsage)
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Re: Subtracting one set from another

You are right in that I do not want to see the [RECs] in the piechart and understand -= will exclude them from the visualisation.

I want to subtract [RECs] from [Electricity] and have the Piechart show the results.




Re: Subtracting one set from another

This is what I don't understand.... what does subtracting RECs from Electricity even mean? These are some values in a single row? are they within multiple rows? May be you want this?

Sum({$<InvoiceSubTypeName = {'Electricity'}, PeriodFinancialYear = {'$(vReportingFiscalYear)'}>} TotalUsage)
Sum({$<InvoiceSubTypeName = {'RECs'}, PeriodFinancialYear = {'$(vReportingFiscalYear)'}>} TotalUsage)

But again, I am not sure what you really mean when you say 'subtracting RECs from Electricity' and may be you won't get what you want using the above expression


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Re: Subtracting one set from another

Hi thanks for bearing with me,



Consider the above values 

I'd need to subtract [RECS] from [Electricity] and then build a Piechart that will show Electricity= 300 and Renewable =100


Re: Subtracting one set from another

May be this


  Sum({$<PeriodFinancialYear = {'$(vReportingFiscalYear)'}>} TotalUsage),

  If(InvoiceSubTypeName <> 'Renewable', Sum(TOTAL {$<InvoiceSubTypeName = {'RECs'}, PeriodFinancialYear = {'$(vReportingFiscalYear)'}>} TotalUsage))