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Creator III
Creator III

Sum of next colum Divided by total sum of all columns Qlik Script

Hi Folks, 

Please assist how can i achieved this,

i want to make a dimension category  by calculating the scenario given below.

Total = R2 to R7  
 Total = R2 to R7 / R2 to R7100%
 Total /Sum(R3+R4+R5+R6+R7)90%
 Total /Sum(R4+R5+R6+R7)80%
 Total /Sum(R5+R6+R7)70%
 Total /Sum(R6+R7)60%
 Total /Sum(R7)50%



I have to calculate this on bases of dimension suppose ID - Retailer

The sample is calculating the value against 1 ID with multiple Retailer.


Please suggest how can i calculate this.



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Creator II
Creator II

The following expression gives the cumulative percentage of total in descending order:

rangesum(below(sum(FieldName), 0, count(total distinct FieldName))) / sum(Total FieldName)

Percentage of Total.PNG