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Sum total event per day for a week


I want to calculate total event per day. I use the animation extension (GitHub - wuzhong-zhu/OneDimensionAnimationPane: Sense Extension-One Dimension Navigation/animation P...) to change total event for a week.

The problem is, can I count and show(text & image extension) total event for a week.  For example, everyday has 1 event.. when I play the animation extension, for the first day it show 1 event and second day shows 2 event (1 event from day 1 and 1 event from day 2)

Can someone help me about this.


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Re: Sum total event per day for a week

Do you want to show no.of  events per day  ?

share some sample data and expected output


Re: Sum total event per day for a week

The only thing the animation extension is doing is doing a selection of a single value in a single dimension whenever you press NEXT, PREVIOUS or you let it animate stepwise.

So counting and aggregation could be done just like anytime else if you weren't using the extension. Of course the calculations will change for each change of dimension values but according to how the calculation fields are associated with this dimension.

If you calculate totals or totals on a certain level they might not change.

To be more specific you will have to provide some more specific information about what you see as a problem...