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Contributor II
Contributor II

Sum up specific values from a big data pool and display the top 20% in a table in a descending order

Hey everyone 🙂 


this might be a bit confusing but i still need help with this so here we go:


I need a specific column in a table to be sorted by the highest 20% in a descending order. So far I got this formula:

count({<[Inc Lieferant Bezeichung]={"Rank(...)/Count(distinct total {1}[Inc Lieferant Bezeichung])<=0.20"}>}[...])


Now I marked 3 red dots after the rank expression. Here is where it gets tricky. I know need 2 specific values to be summed up. The table needs to be sorted by these two values. I have another formula that Outputs these to values in a table. 

Aggr(ONLY({<EinteilungS1={"CI 11 - Freie Avisierung","CI 8 - Avisierung nicht erfolgt"}>} EinteilungS1),EinteilungS1)


The two values are part of a big data pool... that's why the second formula is expressed like it is.

I am really new to this program so pls excuse the confusing way of displaying this. Of course you guys don't know the references like "EinteilungS1" or "Inc Lieferant Bezeichnung". I hope you can still get into this and understand where my Problem lays. 


Much thanks in advance and greets from germany,





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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Hi Yannik,

Could you please provide simple test data set (plain table or excel) with source-like data (name it Column1, Column2...), and show expected result (also plain table or excel) ?

It would help other users to understand what is the data and what you're trying to achieve.



Contributor II
Contributor II

Hey Andrei,

I found a solution. 


count({<[XXX]={"A","B"}>} [XXX])


XXX is the column in my data pool and A and B are the two values I wanted to sum up. I just got confused by our data pool cause Qlik is loading data from 2 seperate sources... this made it hard to figure out what column i needed to target. 


Still thanks mate 🙂