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Creator II
Creator II

Switch for the Value on same bar chart based logic in Qlik Sense

I have 2 bar chart and have 1 flag like 1 and 2.

I am using a button for Flag1 and Flag2,

If I click Flag1-> 1 barchart should appear, if I click Flag2-> Another bar Char should appear in a same barchart in Qlik Sense

It is working if I am not using Set Analysis for Count. But using set Analysis in measure, It won't work


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What extension are you using for the button? Setting up an extension to switch complicated expressions can be a challange. An alternative could be to let the button just change a flag, and then use the flag in the actual expression to switch between your different expressions. I have described that method in a post here:

Add flexibility to your Qlik Sense app with variables and pick() – Extending Qlik

Hope this helps

Erik Wetterberg

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Specialist III
Specialist III

Could you please share an example app?

Thiago Justen Teixeira Gonçalves
WhatsApp: 24 98152-1675
Skype: justen.thiago
Creator II
Creator II

But I couldn't bring colour as Red and Yellow? Is there any way to do?

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

There is also the new container extension from Climber.

This allows for synced visualisations.

This might be for you...

Qlik Branch

Creator II
Creator II

Is there any possibility bringing color based on 2nd dimension?