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Synthetic Key


I want to achieve a result as shown below,

I want to select month eg. July

Then, I want to select role eg. “Admin SYS” 

Then, I want to filter-“Assigned” from “type of Assignment” 

Then, I want to know name of employee (Alexandre FAVRE)

and its exact “Allocated/Assigned” Value=2

I am getting correct results but there is one synthetic key

Following is my Script with attached Data and Qlik Sense App:-

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Re: Synthetic Key

Please try this

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Re: Synthetic Key

Thanks for kind reply,


i can't see

    "Type of Assignment",

    "Cost Per MD",


can you help?


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Re: Synthetic Key


I don't have QlikSense, so I can only theorize:

=> If you have several tables and you want them to link on one field only, but you actually need more fields to be connected, first rename the fields in one table to keep them from linking (or use QUALIFY) and then use APPLYMAP() to get info from one table into the other without linking or joining; Then you can delete the field from the table it came from or just rename it to keep it from linking.


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