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Synthetic Keys Problem


I am using Qlik Sense for the first time and tried uploading data with the quick load data option. I have a excel file which contains 5 sheets:-

1) B_DATA : A list of all Brands.

2) Job Card: Details of Job that we have printed

3) Coating : Details of Coating done on paper after printing.

4) Powder : Details of Powder spray done on paper after coating.

5) Cutting: Details of Paper cutting after Powder spray.

Sheets 2 to 5 contains data of a step by step process in printing.

The columns Brand, Lot No., Operator Name are linked between all sheets.

Problem faced: When I upload the data in Qlik sense it creates Synthetic keys because the column name are same and do not link the column between different sheets.

I have created an app where on selecting a brand and with a sub selection option of Lot No. i can get the data of all four process (Excel Sheet 2 to 5) on the dashboard. But somehow the filter is not working properly. I guess the problem is because of the synthetic keys.

Attached: Excel File.

Appreciate any help on this.!! !

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Re: Synthetic Keys Problem

I've loaded your model and indeed it seems that Qlikview is joining too many fields due to its associative linking.

I suggest loading with a qualify *;

// Beginning of script

Unqualify Brand;


LOAD Brand


[Trial for Qlik.xls]

(biff, embedded labels, table is B_Data$);

.... Loading the rest of your sheets...


// end of script

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Re: Synthetic Keys Problem

Hi Dion,

Thanks for your help.

I am new to Qlik Sense and not from an IT background. Finding it difficult to understand.

Can you upload the data and send me the app after making the modifications in the script.

Appreciate your help.!

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Re: Synthetic Keys Problem

Hi Mittul,

can you upload your app?


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Re: Synthetic Keys Problem

I have uploaded the app JK Sons.qvf


Re: Synthetic Keys Problem

Hi Mittul,

It sounds like the data model that is being created is the route of the problem.  Qlik Sense will join tables based on common fields names so you need to think through how your tables should join up.

It sounds like you are on Qlik Sense 1.1 because you said you are using "Quick Data Load" option.  In Qlik Sense 2.0 was have updated that feature and changed the name to "Add Data".  In the newer version you can now profile your data and adjust the field names so they join up correctly using a visual interface.  You can learn more about this in this posting:  Qlik Sense - Using Smart Data Load (video).  You may also want to take a look at our other how to videos found here:  New to Qlik Sense Videos



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Re: Synthetic Keys Problem

Thanks Josh.

I downloaded the Qlik Sense 2.0 version and while adding data I found few association between fields which were not linked. So it was easy to remove that link.

Will ask for your help in case I have any problem later.


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