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Synthetic key error

HI Everyone,

I am trying to load 5 qvd tables for an app and i have around 6 to 7 columns that are common in every qvd tables and they are mandatory to download.

when finished the load part i am getting the synthetic error msg, because of which my data load not getting completed.

i have visited some of the earlier discussion, so far did not get a clear understanding.

Can you please guide me how i can load all of them successfully.



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Re: Synthetic key error

I suggest creating a link key to connect the 5 qvds instead of allowing QlikView to create Synthetic keys

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Re: Synthetic key error


Any guidelines, how to create link key as i am new in qlik sense

Re: Synthetic key error

Do you have a sample script we can look at and propose modifications to?

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Re: Synthetic key error

I would not create a link field.

If your datas have facts in like revenue, amount or piecec you can concatenate them.


load * from yourfile1.qvd;

concateante (Datas) load * from yourfile2.qvd;

concateante (Datas) load * from yourfile3.qvd;

and so on.

All common fields (date, order no, customer no, material no) are in the same field and can be compared with other values.

Those, who have not all fields filled (e.g. a store number which is not valid in a bill) could only be compared with those fields which are filled.


if you have common fields in diffenrent tables with same input but different sources you could not concatenate.


your invoice table have

invoice number

customer number

customer name

material number

material name

and your customer table have also

number and name

and with material it is also

you have multiple information to one dataset.

In that case you have to decide which information (material name) is the right one. From your invoice table (the historical name, based on timestamp, the invoice was created) or from your material master (the actual name)

Also with other common fields.

A screeshot from your table view could help.


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Re: Synthetic key error

Hi Martin,

thanks for your feedback.

Please find below a structure of my qvd tables.QVD tables.JPG

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Re: Synthetic key error

QVD tables.JPG

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Re: Synthetic key error

with that datas, I would suggest my concatenate solution.

So you can compare your datas by fmonth Year, Customername and country


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