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Contributor III
Contributor III

Tab in the Y axis to specify another measure

I have a Combo chart with dimension "Date" and 3 different metrics: Sum(Sales), Sum(Profit), and Sum (Quantity). Profit and Quantity are "alternative measures". The look of the report is the following:


My question is: Is it possible to have a tab in the Y-axis of the combo and line charts in Qlik Sense to specify, in a fast way, another metric for the graphic (i.e. "Profit" or "Quantity") while conserving the same X-axis dimension ("Date")? Thanks in advance, Anibal

Values to write in the boxes to reproduce my Qlik Sense example (QS app attached):

BeforeMin = 01.03.18

BeforeMax = 03.03.18

DuringMin = 03.03.18

DuringMax = 06.03.18

AfterMin = 07.03.18

AfterMax = 08.03.18

Sub-Category 1 = Binders

Sub-Category 2 = Arts

Sub-Category 3 = Chairs

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Creator III
Creator III

Hey Anibal

Can you tag this post to QlikSense Design Forum to get the help .



Contributor III
Contributor III

Done Chaitanya. Thanks for your help.